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The Best Advice on Packing and Moving!

All removals are different, some people are hoarders & are used to keeping everything and some are minimalists and do not need too much around them. However, most people are somewhere on the scale between these two points. We have a wide range of supplies for in any quantity so every move goes well and your items are safe.

For the best advice on your removal needs just call us any time or drop into our store in Fulham.

What Removal Supplies do I need?

We have some simple suggestions on quantities needed to help you move. It is only a rough guide, as a bookworm’s needs may be different to someone with an extensive shoe collection. For best advice call now on 0207 371 8333.

10 boxes, 1 tape + 15 metres of bubble-wrap

15-20 boxes, 2 tape, 1/4 bale of packing paper, 25 mtrs bubble-wrap

20-25 boxes, 2 tape, 1/3 bale of packing paper, 75 mtrs bubble-wra

25-40 boxes, 3 tape, 1/2 bale of packing paper, 100 mtrs bubble-wrap

40-60 boxes, 4 tape, Bale of packing paper. 150 mtrs bubble-wrap

As a rule of thumb, it is better to have about 50% of your boxes in a medium size and 25% larger and 25% smaller. However, lots of books may need more of the smaller sizes. You may also wish to consider a small number of extra-large boxes for pillows, duvets and cushions etc. – especially in larger homes.

For hanging clothes, some people use wardrobe boxes – others manage to pack without them. They are 18” (38cm) wide. So if you measure the length of rails of hanging clothes in your closet you can estimate how many of these boxes you may need. They might save you having to iron your clothes after your removal!

Please note we sell marker pens to itemise your household contents (important!). Also we sell fragile stickers and polythene sofa / mattress covers of all sizes. If you have any questions we are here on 0207 371 8333 to advise you.

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Please Make Your Selection

Cardboard Boxes
Cardboard Boxes available in all sizes & shapes for all needs

Bubble Wrap
1/2″ and 1″ Bubble size by the Roll or Part Roll for Fragile Items

Packaging Tape

50mm Brown Vinyl Tape for Taping Boxes Securely

Fragile Tape
Printed Fragile Tape for Taping Boxes with Fragile items Securely

Sofa, Armchair, Mattress for Protect Furniture in Storage or Transit

Sofa, Armchair, Mattress for Protect Furniture in Storage or Transit

Plastic Sheeting
Plastic Sheeting for Protect Furniture in Storage or Transit

Tissue Paper
Acid free Tissue for Wrapping of Silverware, Ornaments, etc

Loose or by the Bag for Filling between Fragile items

Parcel Wrap
Kraft Paper metre or roll for Wrapping of Parcels & Pictures

By the metre or roll to tie down Furniture in Storage or Transit

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